Application FAQ

Need help? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our application process

Course Availability

Places offered are subject to course availability and we reserve the right to withdraw courses at short notice if they fail to recruit sufficient numbers. All offers expire after the stated enrolment date.

Admission Timetable 2016 Sixth Form (exact dates may vary from year to year):


  1. October – Raines will publish in its prospectus information about the arrangements for admission to the Sixth Form. This will include details of Open Evenings and other opportunities for prospective students.
  2. November –Raines will hold an Open Evening/Taster day for existing students of Raines, parents and for external applicants and parents to visit the sixth form
  3. January – closing date for application (will vary each year). External applicants must also ensure that predicted grades are submitted via their school
  4. May– Prospective students will be asked to attend a briefing to discuss subject choices, options and career options. 
  5. June – Students will be informed of the course availability and option blocks.