Application FAQ

Need help? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our application process

How long can I expect to hear from you after I apply?

We will respond to you within 7 working days of receiving your application.

What can delay my application?

Any information we request on your form that is missing, particularly your nationality, contact details and your reference.

What happens if I send an incomplete form?

If your application is sent to us incomplete, we have to request the missing information from you/ your school and wait until it arrives. Then we can continue processing your application and invite you in for an interview.

My friend and I sent our forms in at the same time – how come they got a response before me?

Different courses require different types on interview. For some subjects you may need to come in for an audition, which may be scheduled for a later date than usual interviews but, for others, this is not necessary.


We could also be waiting for information that was missing from your form.


The best thing to do is contact us and we’ll inform you of the reason for any possible delay. Sometimes they simply get lost in the post!

What if I’m not sure about what I want to study?

We advise that you to speak to your Career’s Advisor, but are happy to discuss options with you prior to, and during, your interview.

What are entry requirements?

Entry requirements are the grades you must have achieved before starting your study programme at Raines Sixth Form. This differs depending on the course you request and must include an A* - C in Maths and English.


Click here for our list of entry-requirements-by-course.

I’m predicted lower than A* - C in my Maths/ English GCSE. Can I retake it?

If necessary, you will be required retake GCSE Math and English here, but we advise that you do your best now so that you can go straight into your next stage of education without the need for any retakes.

I have taken some BTECs already – does this count towards your entry requirements?

If you are applying for a Vocational course it might, in some instances, but for A Levels your suitability for courses will be decided based on GCSEs already achieved and/or pending, not BTEC qualifications.

I will be over 18 years old in September this year, can I still apply?

We do not accept students over the age of 18 as we are a sixth form.

I changed my mind about the course I want to do

That’s fine. If you are changing from a Vocational (i.e. BTEC) to an A Level course (or vice versa), please let us know, as we may to rearrange your interview. If you have changed your mind after attending interview and receiving an offer, don’t worry, we can discuss a change of your offer at enrolment

Can I restart my course at Raine’s Sixth Form after a year of studying at another college?

You are welcome to apply, but a place is not guaranteed as we prioritise school leavers. Make sure you supply information regarding all qualifications achieved to date as well as any predicted grades from your first year at college/sixth form.

Can I continue my course at Raine’s Sixth Form after a year of studying at another college?

This depends on the subjects you took and the examining boards they are linked to. Email  if you want to find out your eligibility.

I am living abroad at the moment, can I still apply?

No, unfortunately, we do not accept overseas applicants.

Course Availability

Places offered are subject to course availability and we reserve the right to withdraw courses at short notice if they fail to recruit sufficient numbers. All offers expire after the stated enrolment date.

Admission Timetable 2016 Sixth Form (exact dates may vary from year to year):


  1. October – Raines will publish in its prospectus information about the arrangements for admission to the Sixth Form. This will include details of Open Evenings and other opportunities for prospective students.
  2. November –Raines will hold an Open Evening/Taster day for existing students of Raines, parents and for external applicants and parents to visit the sixth form
  3. January – closing date for application (will vary each year). External applicants must also ensure that predicted grades are submitted via their school
  4. May– Prospective students will be asked to attend a briefing to discuss subject choices, options and career options. 
  5. June – Students will be informed of the course availability and option blocks.  


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