BTEC Sports Science

Why study Sport and Exercise Science?

The course aims to: develop your interest in and enthusiasm for PE, including developing an interest in further study and careers in PE; enable you to appreciate how sport influences the many different facets of today’s world develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of PE and how they relate to each other.

What will I Study?

Unit 1: Sport and Exercise Physiology

Unit 2: Functional Anatomy

Unit 3: Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology

Unit 4:  Field and Laboratory – based Fitness Testing

Unit 5:  Applied Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Science

Unit 6:  Coaching for Performance and Fitness

Unit 7:  Biomechanics in Sport and Fitness

Unit 12:  Sociocultural Issues in Sport and Exercise


Raines Basketball Academy

4 Hours+ Training Per Week during School and After School.

Entered into England Basketball College tournaments + London Youth Games borough Teams and Tower Hamlets National League Team


How will I study?

We will use a variety of learning methods including discussions, presentations, individual course work and practical (coaching). Research will be carried out using books and ICT. This courses will be assessed by 3 external exams and internal coursework.

What do I need to start the course?

6 in GCSE PE or Merit in BTEC PE plus Grade 5 English and Science

Where could it lead?

Level 3 BTEC PE is an ideal foundation to continue your study of Sports Science at degree level. In addition, a BTEC PE can prepare you for other related courses including physiology, physiotherapy, PE teaching courses and sports science. These in turn can lead to a wide range of career options.