Work Experience


Sixth Form Work Experience

Preparation for university and employment is an integral part of the sixth form programme at The Raine’s sixth form.  Employability or work-readiness is becoming more and more important to universities and employers.  While qualifications remain essential, with very few exceptions, they are no longer the only consideration.  By gaining work experience in relevant sectors our students can gain a real advantage when applying for university or work.  While on work experience students will be able to talk with and observe skilled and qualified people who can give them a better idea of what their job involves.  It is an opportunity to network and find contacts.

The principle intention of Work Experience is to introduce students to and increase their knowledge of the world of work. The benefits and the emphasis are on students recognising and having the opportunity to develop and use Key Skills, identified by employers as being the most valuable in all areas of employment:


  • Communication,
  • ICT,
  • Basic numeracy,
  • Problem solving,
  • Teamwork
  • Business and customer awareness
  • Personal development and self-management.

It also encourages students to consider roles and responsibilities at work and increases students’ understanding of making applications for employment post education.

We would expect the work to be meaningful and purposeful. A week experience placement would probably contain some observation, learning and carrying out a variety of tasks involving increasing responsibility. Allowing students to gain a clear understanding of expectations in the work place.

The work experience placement with the employer and their staff is extremely important to the Academy and to the student, with its emphasis on the world of work, the ability of the student to organise themselves well and fit into the working environment; this is part of our Work Related Learning Programme.

Will my child be safe at the placement?


All employers are asked to undertake a health & safety risk assessment when completing the Work Experience Agreement Form, all placements are then assessed at through the Tower Hamlets business partnership as to their level of risk. If a placement is deemed high risk a pre-placement visit will take place to check on the level of risk. The employer will ensure that the student is not required to operate any hazardous machine, not to work in any hazardous environment, or to carry out work of any unsuitable nature.  The student will only undertake duties to which the completed Risk Assessment relates.  The employer will supply any specialist protective clothing required by the student whilst performing their work, students must wear any protective clothing or equipment supplied by the employer. Teachers and support staff will undertake visits during the two week placement.

Students will only be allowed to operate non-hazardous machinery, where there is a low level of risk with appropriate supervision from the employer.

Students will be given Health & Safety in the work place briefings at the Academy prior to their placements but there is also an obligation for the student to take responsibility for their own Health & Safety in the work place.

Should you need any support or further information regarding Work Experience please do not hesitate to contact Kate Ayling (

After the placement


Employers are requested to provide a testimonial, which in many cases will be your first reference, and which is often asked for by Further Education establishments.

An evaluation and review of Work Experience will take place in school when you will have the opportunity to share your experiences with employers, students and staff and reflect upon the experience as a whole.

Many young people find Work Experience is a key influence on their choice of career and in developing their self–esteem and can ultimately change your career and further education plans.

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