We offer a diverse range of courses at Raine’s Sixth Form and are committed to continually improving the achievements in our subjects. We do not artificially inflate our entrance requirements in order to guarantee success - the high standard of teaching here ensures that students achieve outstanding results.

We are once again celebrating success, as 2017 proves to be another year for good results at the Sixth Form.  Against a turbulent backdrop of national reform which has increased the rigour and difficulty of the A level qualification, students are celebrating a 97% pass rate. 37% of all A level grades were awarded at the highest grades of either A*-B, with 75% of A2 students achieving their target grade.

Btec level 3 qualifications achieved a 100% pass rate for the third year in a row and an impressive D*-M score of 98%. Placing the sixth form in the top 10% nationally for value added. (Value-added- measure are used to quantify how much of a positive (or negative) effect the sixth form have on students learning during the course of given school year.)

ALPS 2017
ALPS btec