The sixth form receives funding from the Government to help students who may struggle with the extra expense associated with sixth form study. It is to used to support young people to participate and benefit from sixth form education who are either vulnerable or who are facing financial hardship. This is known as the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

There are two types of bursary


If you are eligible for a Vulnerable Bursary you would be able to claim up to £1,200 in an academic year. This is not income assessed.



The DB is means related. If you are not eligible for a Vulnerable Bursary, you may qualify for a Discretionary Bursary. This fund is to assist those who face genuine financial barriers to staying on in education and is meant to help with costs such as books, equipment and other course associated expenses.  Those who apply will need to have their parents/guardians’ income assessed. Applications are open to students whose household income is less than £25,521. As a guide, this year student’s who qualify for DB receive £15 per week; term time only (tier one and tier two).

Who is eligible?

You must be aged under 19 on 31 August 2016



• You (the student) must fall into one of the following criteria:

• Someone who is in care

• Care leavers (someone who has been in care but isn't any longer)

• Be on income Support/Universal Credit

• Be in receipt of both employment support allowance (or universal credit) and personal independence payment



All students with a household income of less than £25,521 per annum are invited to apply for a Discretionary


• DB is divided into 3 tiers

• See guidance notes linked at the bottom of this page for the current breakdown of the tiers—subject to change

Bursary FAQ