Financial Incentives Unique to Raine’s Students

Raine’s School Foundation Bursaries

Every year the Raine’s Foundation allots a considerable sum of money for Raine’s students going on to higher/further education. Bursaries from approx £400 upwards are paid to former students each year while on their course. Documentary evidence is required that the individual has completed their first term and at the beginning of the further two years (or potentially more if the course is longer).


The student must have been a full-time pupil at Raine’s for at least two years. Applications can be made for university or college courses and the sum awarded varies dependent on the course and on whether the student continues to live at home or moves away to study.


Amounts awarded depend on investment conditions and the number of successful applicants.


All students are urged to apply to the Trust for a bursary before starting their course and before 15th October.

The Millie Gluckstein Prize

Millie Gluckstein attended Raine’s from 1917-1924 and was Head Girl in 1924. When she left school to become a teacher, Millie never forgot that her subsequent education was supported by the gifts of scholarships. She was a staunch advocate of civil rights and fought all of her life against racial hatred and discrimination. As the wife of Samuel Fisher who was given a Peerage, Millie went onto became Lady Fisher of Camden in 1974. When Millie died in 1994 at the age of 88, she left a legacy to the School that is administered by the Raine’s School Foundation.


The Millie Gluckstein Award is the highest prize that can be awarded to a female student of the school. It is given, based on the recommendation of the teaching staff, to a female student who is thought to be the most deserving and who is about to enter university to pursue a degree course.


The Raine’s School Foundation Prize

The Raine’s School Foundation subsequently set up a similar award, with the same criteria as The Millie Gluckstein Award, but for a male student. Both the above students will receive a sum of money and a special certificate to acknowledge their achievements.

The Dr Gavin G Gardiner Prize for Science

Gavin Gardiner, an eminent surgeon, was a Trustee of the Foundation, a Governor and Chair of Governors for some 30 years and was active in the School’s development until 2005.  After his death in 2006 a prize in his honour was established for the best science student.

The David Wilkinson Prize for History

David Wilkinson was a much loved Head of History at Raine’s until his untimely death in June 2011.  A prize in his honour has been established for the best history student.

The Elle Hiscott Prize for Performing Arts

Elle Hiscott was a young student at Raine’s who died in tragic circumstances in September 2011.  She excelled particularly at dance and drama and a prize in her honour has been established for best performing arts student.