Financial Incentives Unique to Raine’s Students

Raine’s School Foundation Bursaries

Every year the Raine’s Foundation allots a considerable sum of money for Raine’s students going on to higher/further education. Bursaries from approx £400 upwards are paid to former students each year while on their course. Documentary evidence is required that the individual has completed their first term and at the beginning of the further two years (or potentially more if the course is longer).


The student must have been a full-time pupil at Raine’s for at least two years. Applications can be made for university or college courses and the sum awarded varies dependent on the course and on whether the student continues to live at home or moves away to study.


Amounts awarded depend on investment conditions and the number of successful applicants.


All students are urged to apply to the Trust for a bursary before starting their course and before 15th October.